Howie Severino sa Lekturang Norberto Romualdez

Ang batikang peryodistang si Howie Severino ang tampok na tagapanayam para sa ikatlong Lektura Romualdez na mangyayari sa 6 Hunyo 2017, 8:00nu–12:00nh, sa Awditoryum ng Hukuman ng Apelasyon, Ermita, Maynila
Naging bahagi at nanguna siya sa mga palabas gaya ng Probe Team at I-Witness na tumanggap ng maraming gawad at pagkilala. Isa rin siya sa mga tagapagtatag ng Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ). Si Severino ang kasalukuyang pangalawang pangulo ng GMA Network para sa professional development.
Ang kaniyang panayam, ang wikang Filipino at midya, ay tatalakay sa ugnayan ng dalawa bílang mahalagang bahagi ng lipunang Filipino.
Ang Lekturang Norberto L. Romualdez ay serye ng lektura na sinimulan noong 2015. Layunin nitong makaipon ng mga intelektuwalisadong panayam hinggil sa araling kultural.
Idaraos ito bilang pagpaparangal kay Norberto L. Romualdez—naging Mahistrado ng Kataas-taasang Hukuman ng Filipinas, at bilang mambabatas ay arkitekto ng Batas Komonwelt Blg. 184 na lumikha sa Surian ng Wikang Pambansa (ngayon ay Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino) na nangasiwa sa pagpili ng Wikang Pambansa.





Monsanto Philippines brought hope and joy to 75 orphans at White Cross Orphanage through story-telling. Monsanto shared the story of a lady famer from Mindanao, Conching Reyes, through the animated version of the book titled Lina’s Town Rises Again which was inspired by Reyes’ success in farming despite the odds she faced.
It may be recalled that Reyes’ town in Sultan Kudarat was devastated by Typhoon Pablo. The said typhoon left a trail of death and destruction including Reyes’ house and farm. Reyes was left penniless but she never gave up hope. She started planting Bt corn which brought her good yield every planting season. Soon after, her life improved and she was even able to help her community recover from the typhoon’s aftermath.
“It is always good to share inspiring stories and uplift people’s spirits,” said Monsanto’s Corporate Affairs Head Chat Garrido-Ocampo. “I think the adults taking care of the kids also enjoyed watching the animation. Some of them couldn’t help utter the answers to the questions about the story.”


To check their comprehension of the story, the kids were asked questions after they watched the animation and all were able to answer the questions. “it was a nice surprise because the book was meant for kids ages 9-12. However, we had children as young as 5 and 6 answering the questions correctly,” Ocampo said.
Monsanto employees shared a meal with the kids and caregivers of White Cross after the story-telling activity and distributed loot bags to all the children.
“Thank you for visiting us and we hope Monsanto can do this again, “ said White Cross staff Wilma Dollete. “The kids had fun and they learned as well. It was a productive experience for them and everyone involved in this activity.” ### (MonPhil/TN)


FROM kiddie book to animation, this is how a children’s book entitled “Lina’s Town Rises Again” of Charina Garrido-Ocampo evolved.

Nothing can ever compare how dedicated Chat Ocampo to her job in Monsanto and as a mother of two who cares in attaining food security for the country.

As she continued her journey in Monsanto, she constantly partnered with different organizations to ensure that the public understands the importance of modern science in agriculture and achieve the goal of her company to improve the lives of Filipino farmers by increasing their yield through the use of science.

She was inspired to make a short story of a success story of a farmer from Mindanao. Indeed, as she is hopeful and convinced that through modern science, the Philippines will able to attain food security, not only for Filipinos of today but for the next generations.

As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility of Monsanto Philippines, Ms. Ocampo as the Corporate Communications Lead donated 600 Lina’s Town Rises Again children’s book in Tuguegarao, Cagayan.

Monsanto’s Corporate Affairs Head Chat Garrido-Ocampo (4th from left) and Association of Librarians in the Public Sector (ALPS) President Michael Pinto (5th from left) turn over 600 copies of Monsanto’s children’s book to Cagayan’s municipal librarians.

In an exclusive interview of  Tuklasin Natin with Michael Pinto in Hotel Roma in Tuguegarao, Cagayan. Mr. Pinto said that the donation of children’s book to 6 municipal libraries will be definitely enhance the reading comprehension and awareness in agriculture and biotechnology of the pupils.

Michael Pinto interview MICHAEL PINTO

Mr. Pinto was the Provincial Learning Center & Resource Center Head in Cagayan, the current President of the Philippine Librarians Association Inc. and one of the Board Members of the Association of Librarians in Public Sector.

Mike Pinto said that part of their advocacy is to help the municipal library and other barangay reading centers in the promotion and enhancement of library service in their province. He disclosed that out of 29 municipalities only 6 public libraries are present in Cagayan province. This is the reason why they reach out municipal mayors to realize the value of story books and enhanced the ability of the pupils.

“With the partnership with Monsanto Philippines, out of many provinces in the country at this time meron po tumutulong dito sa Cagayan and very very happy kasi po hindi lang po yung support through the activity that we have but even donation of the books”, Pinto said.

Mike Pinto in his final statement said, “This is a good opportunity for us, shooting two birds in one stone, very short yet meaningful because we able to have collection of kiddie books and the children will be expose in reading agriculture story. Kung lahat lang ng kumpanya sa Pilipinas katulad ng Monsanto, walang batang mapapariwara sa lansangan.”

Mr. Pinto announce that the National Convention of Public Librarians will be held on June 20-23, 2017 at Tuguegarao, Cagayan. Said event is first time meeting of all public librarians of the country to be able to identify how to enhance the service of public libraries nationwide which caters all walks of life especially the out of school youth, students, drivers and among others. (Cathy Cruz)



Monsanto’s Corporate Affairs Head Chat Garrido-Ocampo (4th from left) and Association of Librarians in the Public Sector (ALPS) President Michael Pinto (5th from left) turn over 600 copies of Monsanto’s children’s book to Cagayan’s municipal librarians.

Tuguegarao, Cagayan — Monsanto recently donated 600 copies of its widely distributed children’s book titled “Lina’s Town Rises Again” to the six established municipal libraries in Cagayan Province for their planned read-along activities. Monsanto’s children’s book won an Anvil Award for the publication category in 2016 and is the first published children’s book on biotech corn written specifically for elementary school children to develop a basic understanding of the impact of biotech corn in social, economic and environmental terms.


“We are always appreciative and supportive of the earnest efforts of librarians al over the country to encourage children to visit libraries by sponsoring activities such as read-alongs, tutorials, seminars and workshops., said Monsanto’s Corporate Affairs Head Chat Garrido-Ocampo. “Spending time at the library keeps our children off the street and away from bad influence and all sorts of detrimental activities.”


Meanwhile, Mr. Michael Pinto, Director of the Provincial Learning and Resource Center (PLRC) and President of the Association of Librarians in the Public Sector (ALPS) who witnessed the turn-over of books said he was pleased to support the coordination between Monsanto and Cagayan’s public libraries to conduct meaningful activities for children. “Many libraries have become very innovative to encourage children to spend time at libraries where they can learn and study. It’s a more productive way of spending their vacant time and keeps them away from bad company,” added Pinto.


Pinto also shared that “we need to develop the habit of reading amongst our kids.” He stressed that ‘rather than having our kids spend time playing computer games, they will benefit a whole lot more by reading which will help widen their knowledge, develop their vocabulary and improve their personality. The possible gain for our children when they read good material is tremendous.”


Cagayan Province will serve as host for this year’s national conference of public librarians on June 20-23 with the theme Public Libraries: Rebuilding, Redefining, Rebranding. Some 200 librarians all over the country are expected to attend. #