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After several research and commercial trials, Monsanto’s DEKALB 6999S is finally out making a significant difference in farmers’ yields. DEKALB 69SSS has demonstrated high shelling recovery, strong standability and quality grains, all of which are important criteria of farmers when choosing what to plant. This hybrid can be planted throughout Luzon and Visayas.


At a media launch on April 17 at  Sulo Hotel in Quezon City, Monsanto proudly introduced its newest yellow corn hybrid in the market – DEKALB 6999S- ang hybrid na “Kitang Kita ang Kita” (the hybrid which clearly demonstrates your earnings)


Boosting DEKALB 6999S is Genuity, a Monsanto trait technology that protects against Corn Borers, Earworms and Cutworms. It is also Round Up Ready which means it is protected against weeds. When planted under optimal conditions and combined with the best agronomic practices, DEKALB 6999S can potentially yield up to 13MT/HA. Compared to the reported national average of 4MT/HA, DEKALB 6999S truly has the potential to support the corn production self-sufficiency (even export) thrust of the Department of Agriculture under the Duterte Administration.


Long time North Luzon yellow corn farmer Lydia Lapastora shared “Nakita ko ang pagkakaiba ng DEKALB 6999S Genuity 5% RIB sa ibang binhi. Malalaki ang puno, malalaki ang bunga, halos doble ang bunga kada puno at matibay sa mga sakit ng mais, Talagang Kitang Kita ang Kita!”  (I’ve seen the difference of DEKALB 6999S Genuity 5% RIB vs other yellow corn hybrids. It has big stalks, big corn ears with some even having double ears and is strong against diseases.)


Another Central Luzon yellow corn farmer, Federico Salvador, was pleasantly surprised on the strong standability of DEKALB 6999S. Salvador shared that Dekalb 69SSS was “matibay sa hangin at hindi agad natutumba. Malaki ang bunga at puno hanggang dulo.” (It stands strong against the wind, doesn’t easily fall and has bigger cobs that are filled to the end).”


Monsanto’s Marketing Lead for the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia, Pam Mallari-Valenzuela, shared that DEKALB 69SSS is now being sold in Luzon. “Our farmers have been sharing very encouraging news about the performance of our product and we are very excited on how it will impact the over-all yield in areas where we have strong business presence.”


At Monsanto, we take pride in coming up with products and agricultural solutions to help farmers with the challenges they face. “We definitely want farmers to be successful because when they are, we are also successful,” said Valenzuela. # # # (Monsanto/TN)


Author: tuklasinnatin

A Journalist and served government for 20 years. A community organizer who rose from a clan of artists and novelists.

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