By:     Adela Garapan Ida

The  International  Association of  Oral Medicines in Toxicology (IAOMT)   a Non-Government  Organization (NGO)  with  the  cooperation  with  other  Non-Government  Organization  such  as; Philippines  Ban Toxic, Public  Services Labor Independent  Confederation (PSLINK)  and  the Philippine  Society of  Clinical & Occupational Toxicology (PICOT)held  their  Press Conference  at  the Max Restaurant, Quezon City Circle, Tuesday, July 5, 2016.




The   panelists and guests were the following:  Mr. Teddy Monroy, Phil. Ban Toxics; Dr. Lilian Ebuen, IAOMT; Ms. Emma Montibon, PSLINK.


The  call  of  the  government  today  is  to  protect  the  rights  of  Filipino people  to  safe  environment, friendly  and  mercury free  dental  treatment  and  to  enable  the  early  phase-out of  Dental  Amalgam.


Dental  Amalgam is  known  as  silver filling, composed  of  50%  mercury  with dominant  dental  restorative  materials.  With  neurotoxic  mercury as  a  main  ingredients, that  is  the  reason  why  the  safety for  its  use  and  the  harmful  effect  to  our  health is  being  questioned.


According  to  the  Scientific Evidence-based  Research,  the  effect of  Mercury is  harmful  to  the  health of  our dental  professionals,  students  and  most  especially  the  patients.


In order  to respond  with  the prevailing issues  concerning  dental problems   and to  phase-out  Dental  Amalgam, IAOMT  had  made  an appeal  and  brought  these   issues  to  the  following  government  agencies  for  their  proper  actions   and  recommendations:


  1. Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Sec.  Gina Lopez to ensure the hasty approval of the Revised Chemical Control Order (CCO) for Mercury with a 2020 Timeline for the phase-out   of Dental Amalgam.


  1. Department  of  Health, Sec. Dr. Paulyn Jean Rosell Ubial  to  ensure preventive  oral  health   care  is  given  priority in primary health  care and  that  more  positions are open  for  community dentists.


  1. PRC AND CHED to ensure phase out the use of mercury.


As  reported, even  though  its harmful  effects  of  dental  amalgam,  Filipino  preferred  to use  this  because  of  its affordability  especially  to  those  who  are  below  the poverty  line.  As  a matter of  fact, there  are  7  million  Filipinos who have  not  seen  a  dentists  at  all  for  dental  check-ups  and  treatment  that’s  why  they  are  suffering  dental  caries.


However, our  government  as  partners  must  act  and  promote  the practices  in achieving  a  nation  free-caries  and  phase-out  mercury dental   Amalgam but  instead to use  other  alternatives that  is  available  and  affordable. #


Author: tuklasinnatin

A Journalist and served government for 20 years. A community organizer who rose from a clan of artists and novelists.

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