By:   Adela Garapan Ida


Hon.  Herbert  M. Bautista, Quezon  City  Mayor  had  called  for Press  Conference at  the  Bulwagang Hall, Quezon  City Hall, Monday, July 4, 2016 at 12:nn  –  2:00 pm.


Hon.  Herbert  Bautista  made  a  presentation as regards to  identified  major  problems  that  confronts Metro Manila  most  especially  in Quezon  City.

These major problems are the following:

  1. Flooding
  2. Traffic Congestions
  3. Informal Settlements
  4. Degraded Anti-Squatting
  5. Lack of  classrooms

Traffic  congestions  is  one of  the  major  problems  in Metro Manila  that must  be given  immediate  solutions  by  our  government  officials  and  authorities.


According  to  reports,  the  government  economy  losses  P2  billion  pesos  a day  due  to  traffic  congestions.  That  is  why  the  Quezon  City  government  and other  agencies  had  come-up  for  solutions to solve  this  traffic problems.


Quezon City would  be  the  center  of  development  and  implementation  of  these  proposed  projects  to  be  undertaken.


To  ease  the burdens of traffic congestions, Infrastructures  would  be constructed  such  as;  Expressways, Roads, Skyways  and  putting up  of Metro Rail Transit  (MRT)  and  Light Rail Transit (LRT) connected all  over Metro  Manila  and  its  suburbs.


There  would  be 55,500  families   affected  for  the  implementation  of  the  construction  of  Infrastructures. These  families  occupy  both  government  and private  properties  and  they  would  be  relocated  in  the nearby  towns  and  provinces.


Negotiations  between  the  families  and  the government  have  been  initiated  in order to give  way for  the implementation of  these  projects.  The  government  would  spent P 19,969  billion pesos  for  the  relocations  and  constructions  of  housing units  to  affected  families.

In order  to  expedite  the  funding and  the  implementation  of  these  projects,  Hon.  Mayor  expressed  his  beliefs  that  the  government  officials and  authorities  of  the  nearby  towns  and  provinces of  Metro Manila  should  be  included  and  consulted  as   regards  with its  major  undertakings considering  that  the  beneficiaries  and  relocatees for  demolition  would  be transferred and placed  in their areas.


The  implementation of  the projects  have  already  started and  the  duration  would  take  to  three  years  or beyond.


The  Hon. Mayor  made  into  the  records, that  he  is  supportive  with  the  new  Administration  of  President  Rodrigo  Duterte.  However,  he  commented  that  the  two  years  Emergency Power  given  to  the President  is  not  enough for  the government  to  sustain  and  fully  attain the  implementation of  the programs  and projects to be  undertaken.#


Author: tuklasinnatin

A Journalist and served government for 20 years. A community organizer who rose from a clan of artists and novelists.

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