The  Department of  Science  and  Technology ( DOST-NCR) National Capital  Region has  launched its  6th ONESTORE HUB in Metro  Manila  at  Timog  Ave., June 23, 2016, spearheaded  by  the  Out-going Secretary Mario  G.  Montejo.


The aforementioned ONESTORE HUB is owned by businessman, media personality and author Dr. Carl Balita.


The  ONESTORE  HUB   aim  and  vision  is to develop  and nurture  the MICRO SMALL  AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISE (MSME)  and to integrate  commerce  as  well. There  would  be  an opportunity that  the  economic  growth  in our  country  would  hit its  target  considering  that  services such  as  computers  and  networks  like  Internet would  play  a  vital  role  in  the  business locally  and  internationally.


With  the  help  of  DOST as partners  in promoting  in  terms   of  technological advancement  competitiveness  in  the market  could  be  attained.  Increase  of  income that  would  alleviate  the  poverty  in our  country.  Business  Interprise would  soar  high  that  would  serve the  gateway  for  a  global  opportunity.


For  the  record  there  are  2,270  products  available  for  purchases.


Landbank  and  Air21  worked  as  partners  with  payment  solutions  and  Logistics  providers.#



Author: tuklasinnatin

A Journalist and served government for 20 years. A community organizer who rose from a clan of artists and novelists.

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