ANG KAUNA-UNAHANG BABAENG PILIPINO NA NAGING CEO NG MONSANTO. Si Ms. Rachel P. Lomibao, Commercial Lead for the Philippines of Monsanto pagkatapos nang isinagawang maikling dula ng UP-LABS na hango sa librong katha ni Charina Garrido-Ocampo na pinamagatang “Lina’s Town”.

PAGKALIPAS ng 45 taon ng pagnenegosyo ng Monsanto sa Pilipinas sa wakas ay may itinalagang Pilipina upang mamuno sa kilalang kumpanya sa buong mundo.


Ayon kay Chat Ocampo, Monsanto Corporate Engagement Lead na isang malaking panalo sa mga kababaihang Pilipino ang pagtatalaga kay Rachel P. Lomibao na dating Marketing Lead ng nasabing kumpanya.


Aniya, isang katibayan ito na ang Monsanto ay naniniwala sa galing ng isang babaeng Pilipino at nagbibigay ng pantay pagkakataon sa lahat upang maitaas ang antas ng kanilang posisyon lalaki man o babae.


Ang bagong talagang Country Lead ng Monsanto sa bansa ay nagtapos ng Bachelors degree in Communication sa Unibersidad ng Pilipinas at natapos ang Masters degree in Business Administration sa Ateneo Graduate School of Business.


Si Lomibao ay tubong Pangasinan, isang magsasaka at naging kabilang din ng samahan ng Philippine Science Journalist National.


Layunin ni Lomibao na paigtingin pa ang paggamit ng siyensya at teknolohiya sa pagsasaka upang  maitaas ang antas ng kalidad ng pamumuhay ng magsasaka at matiyak na may pagkaing maihahapag sa lamesa ng bawat pamilyang Pilipino sa pamamagitan ng produktong Bt Corn ng Monsanto sa magsasakang Pilipino.


Itinalaga si Rachel Lomibao nang tinanggap ni Sandro Rissi ang kanyang bagong tungkulin sa Monsanto bilang South America Corn Business Lead na nakabase sa Brazil na bayang sinilangan ng huli na isang Agronomist.# (Cathy Cruz)




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Monsanto  Philippines  with  the collaboration  of the University  of  the  Philippiness League  of  Agricultural Biotechnology Students (UP-LABS)  had performed an on-stage play with  the  title “Lina’s Town  Rises Again.”  The  50  students  that  performed  the  play  and  the  teachers  that  attended this  event  came  from  Alabang  Elementary School.  The  venue  was  held  at  the  23rd  Flr. Bulwagang  Haribon, Insular  Life Corporate Center, Muntinlupa City.


The  “Lina Town Rises  Again”  is  a true  story  of  a  young lass  hailed  in Sultan Kudarat, Mindanao.  Her family was engaged in farming.  Her father  worked  and  till their  land to plant  some vegetables  and crops  for  their  food consumption  and  for  livelihood  as  well. However, despite  the  hardworks  of  his father  when  harvest  time  comes  the harvest  that  they had  was not  good  that  even for  their  food consumption  was  not enough. Lina wondered and kept nagging her  mother  why this  happened.


Again, a  typhoon  hit  their  place  that  caused  flooding  in  the  area.  Their house were destroyed and same with their farms.  The  Local Government  Unit (LGU) helped  them and  put  them  in an evacuation  center  that  housed    them for  a  while.  When  the  typhoon stop  and  the  flood  subsided they  went  back  to  their  place  and  start  a  new life  again.  The borrowed money in order to re-build their house and cope with their daily needs. Until  one  day  to their surprise  her  aunt visited  them  and  gave  some  goods  and  even  cash. Likwise  her aunt  informed them that they  have  a friend who  taught  them to plant  corn  but  they  had  attended  seminars in order  to  learn knowledge about  BIOTECHNOLOGY CORN  called DEKALB,


Lina’s  parents  applied  the  knowledge  that  the  learned  about  DEKALB  so  they began  to  plant  corn  using  the new  technology.  To their  surprise, when  the  harvest  time  came,  they have  abundant  harvest  and  that s  were their  FORTUNE  began,  their  lifestyle  completely  change  that  they  become  prosperous.


Monsanto  Philippines with  its  Corporate  Engagement Lead Charina Garrido Ocampo initiated  this  activity in order to open the minds  of  the  youth  and challenge  them the  importance  of  Agriculture in  our  society.  We cannot  ignore  the  fact  that  everyday  agriculture  sits  in  in  our  daily  existence  because  the  food  that  we  have  in our  table  comes  from agriculture.  How  can we meet  the  demand  of  food  supply  with  its  tremendous  increase  of  population  throughout  the  world.  We  can  only  attain  this  unless  our government and  its  partner  in  the private  sector  like  the initiatives  of MONSANTO Philippines would  take  actions  to maintain the sufficiency and  food security not only in  our  country  but  to  the  other parts  of  the world  as  well.


Monsanto challenge and encourage our youth today in anticipation for a sustainable agriculture in the next generation.  They  have exerted  efforts  and innovations to  promote  agriculture  in  the mindset  of  the youth that  they should  take  agriculture as  a profession.  That’s why  they  were  able  to penetrate  in  some  schools  in Quezon City, Ilo-Ilo,  Davao  and some  parts  of  Mindanao


During the Presscon Monsanto Corporate Lead. Ms Chat Ocampo introduced MS. RACHEL LOMIBAO as Monsanto Commercial Lead for the Philippines.


She is a graduate of degree in B.S. Communication at the University of the Philippines and have a Masteral Degree in Business Administration in the Ateneo Graduate School.


Miss Lomibao is the first Filipina woman appointed Leader in Agricultural Biotechnology.  With  her  strong  leadership skills  and business technical  skills she capable of achieving  the  highest  level  of  excellence  MONSANTO entrusted to  her. #



The Department  of  Science  and Technology  (DOST) and  attached agency  METAL INDUSTRY RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT  CENTER (MIRDC) has  made its 1st Media Demo  Ride  at  the Philippine National Railways (PNR) Tutuban  Station, on Saturday, June 25, 2016.


The event was led by the Out-going Secretary of DOST, Sec. Mario G. Montejo, UnderSecretary Rowena Cristina Guevarra, Gen. Manager, PNR, Engr. Joseph Allan C.Dilay; Executive Director, DOST-MIRDC, Engr. Robert Dizon; Project Manager, PNR, Engr,Robert Acuin; and  Chairman, PNR, Hon. Manuel Torres.


The  Hybrid Electric Train  is  the  first  of  its  kind Mass Transportation  developed  and designed here  in  the Philippines  by Filipino Engineers, Technicians and  other  highly skilled  workers  from  Metal Industry Research  Center (MIRDC)  The  parts  and  engines comes from  our local  manufacturers.


The  DOST-MIRDC  had initiated to develop  this  Hybrid  Electric  Train  in order to respond  the pressing needs of  mass  transport here  in Metro  Manila  and to  ease    the  burdens of  traffic  problems due  to  the  rapid  increase of  riding public  and  the  commuters  and  the numerous  volumes  of  vehicles.  These  are   the main cause of traffic  congestions  in our  main highways  and  thoroughfares.


The  work  began  in  2010  and  already  in its completion  but  not yet  operational because  it  needs  more break –ins  and   testing  to ensure  the  safety  and  convenience  of  our  passengers.


The  DOST-MIRDC   had funded  the  cost  of  this  Hybrid  Electric Train  in  the  amount  of  P120 MILLIONS  pesos. The train can approximately accommodate 200 passengers per travel.#




The DA- Bureau of Fisheries held its topping out of the New Main Building on June 20, 2016.


Topping  out  is  the business  construction language  when  the  last  beam  is  placed on top  of  the structure.


Highlights  of  the event was  the  topping  of its  last beam  of  the  structure of  the  Main  Building.  Undersecretary  and National  Director,  Atty. Asis  G. Perez, Regional Directors  and  its  Representatives, Engineers  and  Architects  that  constructed  the  buildings  led  this event.


Director Atty. Perez delivered his Opening Message/Remarks.  In his  Speech, he  elaborated, spoke  with  confidence  and  pride  that  he  have  done his  best  to  perform  his  duties  and  discharged  his  responsibilities  vested  on  him  in  his  capacity  as  Undersecretary  and  National  Director  of  DA-BFAR.


In his  entire  term, he played  a  vital  role  in achieving  the  highest  expectations  that  his  office  could  ever  done, The  remarkable  and  the  most  significant  one  is  that  after  69  years  of  waiting,  the  dream  to  have a  building of  its  own  has  now come  to  realization.  He exerted all efforts to make this possible.  The government-owned building would house the entire employees of the agencies Central Office.


According  to  him,  the  new  Central  Office  would  ushers  new  hopes  and  aspirations  for  the employees in order  to level up  in rendering  services in  the  countries  Fishing  Industries.


During  the  interview  with  the  outgoing Undersecretary and  National Director, Atty  Asis  G. Perez  had been  asked  that  with  the  New  Administration  and  likewise  with  the  New  Building  of its  own  if  there  is  now  a possibility that  BFAR would  become  a  DEPARTMENT.


In this  regard,  Atty. Perez  emphasized   that  during  their meetings  they  have  discussed  this  issue  several  times.  The  truth  of  the  matter  there were  some  Cabinet  members  in favor  and  pushing  this  issue  that  BFAR  would  become  a DEPARTMENT  and  they  have  to  call  it  Department  of  Ocean  and Fisheries.#




The  Department of  Science  and  Technology ( DOST-NCR) National Capital  Region has  launched its  6th ONESTORE HUB in Metro  Manila  at  Timog  Ave., June 23, 2016, spearheaded  by  the  Out-going Secretary Mario  G.  Montejo.


The aforementioned ONESTORE HUB is owned by businessman, media personality and author Dr. Carl Balita.


The  ONESTORE  HUB   aim  and  vision  is to develop  and nurture  the MICRO SMALL  AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISE (MSME)  and to integrate  commerce  as  well. There  would  be  an opportunity that  the  economic  growth  in our  country  would  hit its  target  considering  that  services such  as  computers  and  networks  like  Internet would  play  a  vital  role  in  the  business locally  and  internationally.


With  the  help  of  DOST as partners  in promoting  in  terms   of  technological advancement  competitiveness  in  the market  could  be  attained.  Increase  of  income that  would  alleviate  the  poverty  in our  country.  Business  Interprise would  soar  high  that  would  serve the  gateway  for  a  global  opportunity.


For  the  record  there  are  2,270  products  available  for  purchases.


Landbank  and  Air21  worked  as  partners  with  payment  solutions  and  Logistics  providers.#