By: Adela Garapan Ida

Sen. Gregorio  Honasan was the  Guest Speaker during  the Pandesal Forum held at  the Kamuning Bakery Coffee Shop, Kamuning, Quezon City, Tuesday, January 19, 2016.


He was likewise a candidate  vying  for  VICE-PRESIDENT  seat with his  running  mate  Jejomar  Binay  as PRESIDENT under  the  UNA Party List Coalition.


At this  juncture, Sen. Honasan  confided that  after  his  term  as  Senator  for 18 years his  plan  actually is  not  to  enter  politics  anymore.  He would rather stay with his family and serve as a layman.


Furthermore,  Sen. Honasan informed  that he  had served in  the military  service for  17 years and had  received various  awards and distinction for his  valuable  performance  in the service.


But because  politics  is  his  destiny, and through  the encouragement  of his  colleagues  and  friends to continue  his political career he was chosen  by  the  Selection Board Committee to  run for  VICE-PRESIDENT with his  running  mate Jejomar  Binay  candidate for PRESIDENT. He had  no other  option but to accept the  offer by  the  Party List  Coalition  and willingly to  run  as  candidate  for this position for  that  matter.


In  this  regard,  the  Party  List Coalition organized  and  established  the following  PLATFORMS;



Sen. Honasan was informed that SECURITY was his contribution to the PLATFORMS. His  top  most  priority must  not  only  the  Police  Force  and  the Army  Force.  He  would  ensure  that  every  homes must  be safe and well  protected with  the visibility  of  Police  Force  within  the  area, to put more lightings in the streets and alleys particularly in depressed and critical areas.


At this  point, Sen. Honasan  was  asked  regarding  the  issue  of  EDCA  (ENHANCED  DEFENSE COOPERATION  AGREEMENT) In this  regard, Sen.  Miriam Defensor  commented  that this  is a  sensitive and  serious  issues  that  should  be taken  into consideration  by our  government  officials.  It should  not  only  an  AGREEMENT  but  must  be  a TREATY.  The  military  welfare  and interest  is  at stake so that  the  negotiation  must  be  transparent.


The military are optimistic that the conflict between  China  and  U.S.  must  be  settled that  the  military  should  not  be  caught  in  the middle.  Set  aside  their  vested  interest  and  instead  work   together  for  a common goal….WORLD  PEACE.#


Author: tuklasinnatin

A Journalist and served government for 20 years. A community organizer who rose from a clan of artists and novelists.

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