Maynilad launches online billing program

West Zone concessionaire Maynilad Water Services, Inc. (Maynilad) has added a new channel of billing for the payment convenience of its customers.

Called “My Water Bill,” the program will enable Maynilad customers to receive their Statement of Account (SOA) or water bill via electronic means—i.e., through SMS, Email, or Web Portal.

Although hard copies of the SOA will still be delivered to all customers, those who opt to register with the “My Water Bill” program can receive notifications of their current and outstanding water bills through their mobile phones and email the day after the meter reading. Hence, customers can already post payments with Maynilad-accredited payment facilities just by presenting the electronic notification on their mobile phones.

In addition, Maynilad customers registered with the “My Water Bill” program can pay their water bills online via Web Portal, which provides links to the online payment facilities of Maynilad-accredited banks and payment centers.

“This new program taps technology to facilitate the delivery of billing information to our customers. Through it, we hope to further enhance customer experience and make their transactions with our company more convenient,” said Maynilad President and CEO Ramoncito S. Fernandez.

To avail of the service, Maynilad customers have three options:

1. Self-enrolment via Maynilad website Just follow the prescribed steps.

2. Self-enrolment via SMS (₱1.00 /one-time registration). Just key in: WATERbill <space> ON <space> <Maynilad Contract Account No.> <space> <Account Name> and send it to 0908-8968278.

3. Call Maynilad Hotline 1626 and request the Contact Center agent to enroll on customer’s behalf.# (Madel R. Zaide, Head, Media Relations, Corporate Communications, Commercial and Marketing Division, Maynilad Water Services, Inc.)


Author: tuklasinnatin

A Journalist and served government for 20 years. A community organizer who rose from a clan of artists and novelists.

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