Philippines to Capacitate Philippine SMEs through CBET Workshop

Over Forty five delegates from different APEC economies have joined the Cross Border E-Commerce Training (CBET) Workshop on Brunei Darussalam from May 4 to 7 2015 to enrich their knowledge on business strategies and to expand international market opportunities.

APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) Brunei extended its invitation to BIMP EAGA Senior officials to tap potential E-commerce business operators and companies that will benefit from the said workshop. Other attending participants were from Brunei, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hongkong, Thailand, and United States of America with diverse backgrounds and values.

As the Philippine Senior official for BIMP EAGA, Trade and Industry Undersecretary Prudencio M. Reyes, Jr. has attended the CBET workshop to help capacitate Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the development of cross border business opportunities through E-Commerce.

CBET aims to link SME business owners, practitioners and policy makers across APEC economies to discuss their respective e-commerce environments; experience and insights; encourage direct interaction among practitioners; build networks with industry professionals; and enable more SMEs to access capacity building resources and utilize them to empower themselves.

CBET localization program was organized by APEC Business Advisory Council of Brunei in collaboration with ABAC of China following its success with cross border E-commerce in the recent years.

“Through the workshop, it is an opportunity for us to be able to have borderless market to access the international market. I’m very thankful that Brunei government has sponsored this kind of training because this will be able to promote products (of the Philippines) internationally, especially Brunei.” said Undersecretary Prudencio Reyes.

Topics presented during the workshop included an introduction to e-commerce, international shipping, online brand building strategy, internet payment and financing.

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Author: tuklasinnatin

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