DTI Pushes SGL for SMEs

DTI is keen to expanding the coverage of Executive Order No. 230 series of 2000 “Authorizing the Establishment of Super Green Lane (SGL) Facility in the Bureau of Customs” to enable SMEs to qualify under the said program through the on-going legislative initiatives to pass the “Customs Modernization and Tariffs Act (CMTA)”.

“What is important is that we give due recognition to our SMEs particularly to those who strive to keep a high level of compliance in doing business with Customs policies and requirements, providing them access to the same SGL which were already made available to top 1000 corporations” said Dr. Prudencio Reyes, Jr., Supervising DTI Undersecretary of Liaison Office for Legislative Affairs (LOLA).

This special facility is called for under the Revised Kyoto Convention (RKC) to which the country is signatory since February 2010. The said agreement mandates its contracting parties to come up with special procedures for “authorized persons” who meet certain criteria specified by Customs, including having an appropriate record of compliance with Customs requirements and a satisfactory system for managing their commercial records. Under the SGL facility, BOC may be able to grant:

  • Release of the goods on the provision of minimum information necessary to identify the goods and permit the subsequent completion of the final goods declaration
  • Clearance of the goods at the declarant’s premises or another place authorized by Customs
  • Allowing a single goods declaration for all imports or exports in a given period where goods are imported or exported by the same person
  • Use of authorized person’s commercial records to self-assess their duty and tax liability and, where appropriate, to ensure compliance with other Customs requirements.
  • Allowing lodgement of goods declaration by means of an entry in the records of the authorized person to be supported subsequently by a supplementary goods declaration

“Nevertheless, authorized persons as defined under RKC don’t give any distinctions as to size; whether you are SME or a large corporation. In principle, you could be entitled to as long as you qualify under the BOC’s set of criteria.” Undersecretary Reyes explained.

This initiative is consistent with the Department’s key priorities in helping SMEs to have simplified rules and procedures in doing business, amidst the stiffening competition and their struggles to put-up and sustain their business”, the Undersecretary added.

Other Policy Initiatives

Aside from institutionalizing the expanded SGL for SMEs, DTI is also pushing for the integration of the following reforms in the on-going crafting of CMTA: (a) increasing the de minimis value from P10 to $200 wherein no duties and taxes shall be collected on goods with a FOB or FCA value of such amount, provided that it may be adjusted by the Secretary of Finance, upon joint recommendation by the Commissioner of Customs and the Secretary of Trade & Industry; (b) issuance of binding decisions or advance rulingat the request of the person concerned on specific particulars relating to goods, in particular the classification (through the Tariff Commission), valuation and origin (through the Bureau of Customs) of the goods in preparation for importation or exportation that shall facilitate the declaration and consequently the release and clearance process; (c) institutionalization of automated customs procedures and National Single Window; (d) Self-certification scheme in relation to Rules of Origin, as part of our regional commitments in ASEAN, and; (e) ensuring importers and exporters to have the choice to act as declarant or designate such authority to his authorize representative.

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