DTI-3 releases Suggested Retail Price for School Supplies

In time for the upcoming school opening, the Department of Trade and Industry Regional Office III (DTI-3) has released the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) guide table for school supplies such as pencils, ballpens, notebooks and pad paper. The latest SRP dated May 7, 2015 is posted in the different offices of DTI in the region and can be downloaded from the agency’s website.

The SRP table is regularly disseminated by DTI-3 and is intended to guide consumers, traders and retailers in Central Luzon on the prices of school supplies. The SRP table was arranged from lowest priced product to the most expensive so that consumers can easily compare the prices and make informed choices when buying school supplies.

In an interview with GMA News over the weekend, DTI Undersecretary Victor Dimagiba noted that consumers now have more options in buying more affordable school supplies. Compared to last year, the increase in prices is only from two to thirteen percent or an additional average of P 0.25 to 2.50 only. Under the new SRP, he said that consumers can buy a pencil for as low as P 3.75 pesos while an ordinary notebook can be bought for as low as P 10 pesos.

DTI–3 Director Judith P. Angeles said that the agency will continue to monitor the price of school supplies in the market through the different provincial offices of DTI in Central Luzon and through its Consumer Protection Division. She advised buyers to look for quality school supplies in registered business establishments rather than buying from illegal vendors whose products may be of inferior quality. In addition, Director Angeles suggested that parents should buy school supplies for their children early to avoid the hassles of haggling in overcrowded bookstores and shops.



Posted By: Edrillan Pasion


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