Quezon City government has bagged another international recognition for implementing enhanced tax mapping system or the eTAXMAPS in its real property taxation by using Geographical Information System (GIS).

QC was among 100 countries in the world that were given special achievement in GIS (SAG) recognition at the 2015 Esri User Conference  in San Diego, California, USA last July 22. The award was received by QC Information and Technology Development Office (QCITDO) head Reynald Paul  Imjada.

The prestigious award is given to user sites around the world in recognition of their outstanding work with GIS technology. A total of 100,000 organizations around the world were included in the selection process.

The eTAXMAPS project of QC under the stewardship of Mayor Herbert M. Bautista aims to integrate and synchronize updating of parcel tax maps vis a vis the land tax records. It targets to give better graphical overview of the overall tax situation of the city through the use of geospatial technology and imageries. It more particularly enhances the capability for discovery, appraisal and assessment of undeclared, misclassified and unaccounted properties, thus, a sound and reliable income projection for the city.

City Assessor’s chief Rodolfo Ordanes said that increased operational efficiency in the city assessor’s office was attained due to the project that now translates to improved tax collection in terms of real property taxation.

Ordanes said that due to the eTAXMAPS project, the complexities in PIN assignment and property location – comparing the existing tax map with  QC real property assessment and taxation systems (QCRPATS) database — were more or less addressed.

“Inconsistency in tax declaration such as misdeclared/undeclared lots and improvements is solved through the enhanced procedures that are now implemented in all 142 barangays in the city,” Ordanes said.(Maureen Quiñones, PAISO)

Posted By: Edrillan Pasion


Author: tuklasinnatin

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