The Quezon City government has intensified preparations for the implementation next year of the senior high school (SHS) component of the Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K+12) program, focusing on acquisition of new sites and construction of more schoolbuildings.

With just 12 more months to prepare, QC Hall is also studying the possibility of providing free shuttle services to some incoming senior high school students if they would not be accommodated in public high schools  in the city’s second district, which to date, has the most number of urban poor in QC.  Already, QC Hall also has engaged for the comprehensive preparations the participation of several stakeholders.

For the next schoolyear, the QC government has seven additional big construction projects to provide 110 new classrooms, including those for the SHS students. The buildings are expected to be completed in October.

Mayor Herbert Bautista strategized to overcome the biggest hurdle, which is lack of properties on which to build the additional buildings.  He constituted a City Task Force on Land Acquisition and directed the city Task Force on properties forfeited in favor of the city government to look for available properties at sites appropriate for schools.  He has also targeted idle national government properties in the city, to see if these can be possible school sites.

Based on a report submitted by the local school board, at least 6,854 Grade 11 students in District II, who will be referred for enrolment elsewhere, will need transportation subsidy from the city government when the senior high school program is implemented beginning next schoolyear.

According to Dr. Helen Grace Go, officer-in-charge of the division of city schools, the free shuttle system will have to be provided by the city government to the students so as not to put additional financial burden to their families.

Dr. Go said the city government is exploring the possibility of utilizing the green fund as source for the shuttle service requirements of the said students.

As indicated in the report submitted by the division of city schools, there will be 1,301 incoming Grade 11 learners who will not be provided accommodation at Bagong Silangan High School; 864 learners for Commonwealth High School; 816 learners for Judge Feliciano Belmonte Sr. High School, 1,405 learners for Justice Cecilia Muñoz Palma High School and 2,468 for Batasan Hills National High School.

To date, the QC division of city schools and the local school board have already coordinated with various non-DepEd schools and Higher Educational Institutions for the referral of the enrollees who will not be accommodated in the city’s public educational system.  These institutions include the ASAS, Our Lady of Fatima University, Samson College of Science and Technology, ABE International Business College, AMA, QC Polytechnic University, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, World City Colleges, Best Link and Lanting Colleges.

Miriam College has also coordinated with the division of city schools for their Mission SHS.

The QC government, on orders of Mayor Bautista, is setting aside P478 million in preparation for the implementation of the senior high school program with P330 million to be spent for school construction and P40 million for land acquisition. (Precy)

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Author: tuklasinnatin

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