A Quezon City councilor is looking into the possibility of establishing satellite treatment centers for victims of animal bites in the city.

In a resolution, Councilor Jessica Castelo-Daza, a doctor by profession, cited the move as imperative to decongest animal bite cases reported at the city health department, which to date, is the only animal bite center maintained by the QC government. “It would be more convenient if patients will no longer have go to QC Hall to have themselves treated, and instead go to satellite treatment centers that will be established in their respective districts,” said Councilor Daza. Super health centers operating in a particular district can also operate as a satellite bite treatment facility, the councilor said.

Meanwhile, the animal bite center maintained by the QC government at the city health provides two free post-exposure treatments to victims of animal bites in the city.  According to city veterinarian Dr. Maria Ana Cabel, the animal bite center at City Hall accommodates about 100 patients a day.

Dr. Cabel reported that stray dogs continue to remain as the major transmitter of rabies.  In 2014, the veterinary office recorded 25 animal rabies cases.  Of the city’s six districts, District II had the most number, with 8 cases.  In terms of barangays, Batasan Hills registered the most number of cases, with 4.

To date, the city veterinary office, on orders of Mayor Herbert Bautista, has been conducting a year-end mass vaccination program as part of the city government’s continuing effort to make QC a rabies-free community

This year, the city health department, through the veterinary office, has set aside more than P2 million for the purchase of rabies vaccines. In addition, some members of the city council are also providing support for the purchase of these vaccines.

The city’s rabies elimination program also includes the castration and neutering of dogs and cats.

Aside from the QC Hall bite center, the city also maintains an impounding area in Payatas for dogs, cats, fowls and other domestic animals which are left unattended in QC public places.

Posted By: Edrillan Pasion


Author: tuklasinnatin

A Journalist and served government for 20 years. A community organizer who rose from a clan of artists and novelists.

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