Rotting goods in customs’ warehouses, backlog of Arroyo government—Lim


Bureau of Customs Deputy Commissioner Danilo Lim today said the rotting goods reported in the bureau’s different warehouses were the backlog of the previous Arroyo administration. Lim said the customs bureau is already making an inventory of all the seized goods currently stockpiled, many of which were reportedly in a putrid state of condition. 

“As ordered by BoC Commisioner Ruffy Biazon, we have already made directives to conduct a comprehensive appraisal of all seized goods currently stored at the bureau’s warehouses,” Lim said. 

“If there are perishable goods, then they must be immediately assessed if they can still be of use to the public. If they are not fit for human consumption or a threat to public safety, then they must be immediately destroyed. If they are used clothes, which were originally intentioned as donations to charitable institutions but ended up as ukay-ukay, together with the Department of Social Welfare and Development, we will study the possibility of restoring them to their original intent—for charity and relief,” Lim added. 

Lim also said all goods that are deemed for auction but are “accumulating cobwebs” in different warehouses would immediately be processed. The customs intelligence chief said the seized goods must help in generating more revenues for the government. 

“Without more ado, these seized goods must benefit the people either through increased revenues or relief. The longer they stay at warehouses and gather dust, the more they are prone to pilferage and wastage. We will not let that happen,” Lim stressed. 

Lim said many of the hot goods gathering cobwebs at the bureau’s warehouses were the backlog of the previous Arroyo administration. 

“Truth is, many of these goods were the backlog of the previous administration. This is the product of inefficiency, which conveniently fused with corruption. These are the things the new leadership of Comm. Biazon is trying to rectify. I hope the public will be more patient as we try to correct the errors of the past and realize meaningful reforms inside the bureau,” Lim concluded.

Some of the hot goods reportedly still stored at the bureau’s warehouses are hot cars, second hand tires, used clothes, flour, iron, canned goods (Maling), electrical wires, unclaimed balikbayan boxes, printers, cigarettes, batteries, plastic resin, tiles, textile and stuffed toys. 

Some of the goods have pending cases before the courts, while others have failed biddings. Jessil A. Felisario, Public Information & Assistance Division, Bureau of Customs (BOC)


Author: tuklasinnatin

A Journalist and served government for 20 years. A community organizer who rose from a clan of artists and novelists.

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