Media group backs KC projects


Different individuals and organizations lauded the Knights of Columbus in the Philippines (K of C) for their developmental programs and projects, most especially their environmental concerns.


The Philippine Science Journalist Association, Incorporated-Mega Manila Chapter (PSciJourn) was one of the groups who supported the developmental mission of the K of C in the recently held Tree Planting Project themed “Puno, Alay Ko Sa Kalikasan.”


According to their President Estrella Gallardo, the presence of the media group PSciJourn was very important since it helps disseminate the information on the ecological or environmental issues in the society.


Gallardo added that Science Writing is committed to improve the quality not only of science news but all developmental issues reaching the public.


As Science writers, one of their tasks is to write about ecological conservation in the country.

Daughters of Mary Immaculate (DMI) Cabanatuan Regent Purification Naldoza encouraged the housewives of every Brother Knights to join DMI and conduct various activities that will help support the society.


K of C Fort Magsaysay Council No. 10638 Grand Knight and retired AFP Official Sixto Valenzuela said the Knight’s activities are for developing the country. It is also for the unity and cooperation of the youth.


Meanwhile, other groups who supported the Tree planting project recently held in Doña Josefa, Sitio Bacao, Palayan City, Nueva Ecija were the youth counterpart of K of C, the Columbian Squires; Philippine National Police (PNP); Philippine National Red cross; Krusada para sa Kalikasan; Young Men’s Christian Associations in the Philippines (YMCA), a Christ-centered national movement; YMCA-Asia, their Korean partners; Palayan City Mayor Romeo Capinpin; Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines- National Secretariat for Social Action-Justice and Peace; among others. (KC News)


Priest, Aetas laud KC for various projects


An environmental priest and an Aeta chieftain lauded the Knights of Columbus in the country for their various humanitarian and environmental activities.


Cabanatuan Diocese Director for Ecology, Fr. Jacinto “Chito” Beltran and Aeta Chieftain Carling Baklay praised the contributions of the K of C in various human endeavors, such as promoting and conducting educational, charitable, religious social welfare, war relief and welfare, and public relief work.


Father Beltran said the Central Luzon Conquerors (CLC) of the Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, Inc. (KCFAPI) and his office are united in conducting or promoting such charitable works for their local communities.


The Aetas were the beneficiaries of the latest activity conducted by the CLC-KCFAPI.


Each KC council that participated in the recently held tree planting project in the diocese provided one sack of rice, one box of sardines, and ten packs of coffee to the local Aeta community.


Baklay said 75% of Aetas are malnourished and they acknowledged the generosity of the K of C for their donations.


The Aeta Chieftain also emphasized the importance of education to the youth, calling on the local government for improvement of education and living of the 85 Aeta families in Doña Josefa, Sitio Bacao, Palayan City, Nueva Ecija.


Meanwhile, the Aeta community showed their traditions, history, and culture through an interpretative dance called as lawin; langaw; tutubi; matapang; unggoy; ligawan; mangangaso; and panggagamot.


The Tree Planting Project of CLC-KCFAPI last September 10 was the biggest group organized so far by Fr. Chito in the Diocese of Cabanatuan.


More than 400 Brother Knights from 32 different councils participated in the event.


The Diocese of Cabanatuan has 28 parishes and 18 Catholic schools. (KCFAPI News)

Show volunteerism in action for Pedring’s victims -Luzon Deputy


Knights of Columbus Luzon Deputy Arsenio Isidro Yap urged all District Deputies and Grand Knights to address the needs of their respective communities victimized by Typhoon Pedring.


“May I reiterate my call to all of my brother knights to do everything you possibly can for the victims of Typhoon Pedring. It is in times like this that we can show our volunteerism in action as we affirm that we are indeed our “Brothers’ Keeper,” said Yap.


The Luzon Deputy advised all Brother Knights to visit the evacuation centers in their respective areas and bring some necessary stuff for the evacuees such as food, water, clothing, and blankets.


He also said to possibly organize medical teams to augment the efforts of the government and other Non-Government Organizations.


Yap also requested for those who were not severely affected by Pedring to send relief or medical teams to neighboring communities where their help is badly needed.


“We can also help in the clean-up drive in areas ravaged by flood waters. Others may course their help to our Luzon Office and we’ll send them to the most affected areas,” Yap added. (KC News)

‘Lucio Tan’s attack dog’ KMU slams P-Noy for threats vs. PAL workers


Labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno today condemned Pres. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III for threatening to file cases of economic sabotage against Philippine Airlines workers who staged a protest action against the impending massive layoff in the country’s flag carrier last Sept. 27. 

KMU said the president has consistently sided with PAL owner and business tycoon Lucio Tan on the labor dispute resulting from the massive layoff and contractualization via outsourcing scheme in the airline company. 

“Pres. Aquino has shown himself to be Lucio Tan’s attack dog against the workers of Philippine Airlines. He is using his seeming neutrality to faithfully side with Tan and rabidly assault PAL workers,” said Elmer “Bong” Labog, KMU chairperson. 

“If anybody is guilty of economic sabotage in this issue, it is Lucio Tan and the president himself. Tan is attacking the job security of all workers in the country and the president is legitimizing the repression of workers fighting for their rights,” he added. 

“People have been calling the profiteering schemes of the Big 3 oil companies forms of economic sabotage, yet the president defended these to death.Maliliit na tao lang ang kinakaya-kaya niya (He only attacks poor people),” he said.

PALEA leadership slammed

KMU also criticized the leadership of the PAL Employees’ Association or PALEA’s response to the president’s threat, in which the union merely said that the president has been “misinformed” by the PAL management. 

“It’s not that Pres. Aquino is misinformed on this issue; it’s just that he is taking the side of Lucio Tan with all the information that he has. It is foolish to think that the president, who has consistently shown that he is pro-capitalist, is merely misinformed,” Labog said. 

The labor leader also said that the leadership of PALEA is persisting in its error of trusting the president to come up with a pro-labor decision on the labor dispute in PAL. 

“The leadership of PALEA is persisting in its error of putting its trust in the president. It refused to uphold its members’ decision to go on strike and set up preparations for a strike because it is having all these illusions about Noynoy,” Labog said. 

“As a result, ordinary PAL workers are suffering from the attacks of Lucio Tan and the Aquino government. Still, the PALEA leadership refuses to shake off its illusions about the pro-capitalist anti-worker president,” he added. Elmer “Bong” Labog, KMU Chairperson


Quezon City is to start next year the construction of new jail  to house more than a thousand detainees waiting for final court decision on their case.

Quezon City Mayor Herbert M. Bautista has given the “green light” for allocation of funds for the purchase of lot for the project in the 2012 City Budget.

Bautista directed city budget head Marian Orayani to include in the next annual budget an allocation of P33 million for the lot purchase in order to finally address the congestion problem at the city jail at the Bernardo Park in Barangay Kamuning.

The Mayor said that House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, Jr. had assured the QC government of financial assistance amounting to P75 million or up to P80 million for the project.

Mayor Bautista also had asked Bureau of Jail Management and Penology-Quezon City Jail Warden Sr. Supt. Joseph Vela to inquire from the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) if there is fund allocation from the national government that could be utilized to augment the budget allotted by the city for the purpose.

Earlier, the BJMP-Real Property Division Directorate for Logistics revealed that their agency had incorporated in their 2009 program a P200 million fund for decongestion of Metro Manila detention cells including those in CAMANAVA and southern Metro Manila.

CAMANAVA had already built new detention cell facilities costing P50 million, the same with southern Metro Manila which has a P40 million jail project located in Taguig.

BJMP had earlier submitted a plan and proposal for the new QC jail to the QC Hall-Special Design Group (SDG). Maureen Quiñones, PAISO


Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista has signed into law an ordinance creating the QC Persons with Disability Affairs Office (QCPDAO) that will help the differently-abled residents of the city to live normally and enjoy special privileges.

The measure, known as the “Persons with Disability Affairs Office Ordinance of Quezon City” (QC-PDAO Ordinance), mandates the creation of an office that will facilitate the integration of PWDs into the mainstream of society and improve their total well-being.

The author of the ordinance, District 2 Councilor Alfred Paolo V. Vargas III, said the measure is aimed at removing all social, cultural, economic and the attitudinal barriers that are prejudicial to PWDs and hinder their attempt to develop their skills and potentials despite their handicap.

Vargas is confident that the measure’s purpose of formulating needed local policies to ensure rehabilitated, developed and self-reliant PWDs will enable them to compete favorably in all available opportunities.

PWDs, according to Vargas, had sometimes suffered discrimination because of their mental, physical and sensory impairment that take away the respect that a marginalized sector should also enjoy, making it difficult for them to harness their talents and capability to attain a more meaningful, productive and satisfying life.

Under the measure, an office for the PWDs will be an advocacy body that will address prevailing concerns that pertains to the rights of specially challenged individuals.

According to Vargas, there are about 8,000 registered differently-abled citizens in QC who will benefit from the measure.

The QC government has successfully carried out the first ever job hunting assembly exclusively for the differently-abled residents during the celebration of the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation (NDPR) Week. Also, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) had its special registration for PWD’s and senior citizens at QC Hall COMELEC office and at SM North and South Fairview branches as part of the observance of the NDPR Week. Rico/ Maureen Quiñones, PAISO


A marker at the foot of a life-saving Bita Tree in Barangay Bagong Silangan, Quezon City may soon be constructed to remind the residents of the contributions of the unsung heroes, including a century old tree, during the devastation caused by typhoon Ondoy in 2009.

A proposed resolution, authored by Councilor Alfred Vargas, seeks the  construction of a marker beside the life-saving Bita Tree in  Bagong Silangan in observance of the 2nd year anniversary of the Ondoy tragedy.

According to Vargas, the marker will be the visible reminder of the Ondoy devastation that hit the country and caused the drowning of 68 Barangay Bagong Silangan residents on September 26, 2009.

The marker will be a tribute to the heroism of those who gave lives to save others, and a reminder that the silent witness to the tragedy, the Bita Tree, saved the many residents who managed to cling to its branches and foliage during the Ondoy floods, Vargas said.

Vargas added that during the typhoon devastation, the lone 50 feet Bita tree in the middle of Barangay Bagong Silangan, which is now called “Puno ng Buhay,” saved 7 families who clung to its branches as they waited for rescuers to come, hanging themselves for almost 24 hours.

According to Vargas, as Quezon City residents try to rebuild their lives and property two years after the tragedy, remembering their lost love ones and treasured property, it is important that should be a constant reminder not only of the painful incident that happened a couple of years ago but also of the inspiring experiences that took place during the typhoon Ondoy.

Vargas added that the marker will also remind the barangay residents to care for the protection of the environment so that future flashfloods can be prevented or minimized. Rico/ Maureen Quiñones, PAISO