2011 NAST Outstanding Young Scientist: WAREN N. BATICADOS, Ph.D. (Veterinary Science)

To recognize his significant contributions in the area of molecular research and detection of significant animal diseases caused by Protozoans and Rickettsia specifically trypanosomosis, babesiosis, neorosporosis, and ehrlichiosis which have worldwide importance especially in the tropics including the Philippines, using molecular techniques and biotechnology which prompted rapid diagnosis for timely and proper intervention against the diseases cited, Dr. Waren Baticados was chosen as one of the grantees of the 2011 Outstanding Young Scientist award. The recognition is given by the National Academy of Science and Technology, Philippines (NAST Phl) to those is given to deserving young individuals not more than 40 years old (in the year of the award) who has made outstanding contributions to science and technology.

His research interests include functional genomics (RNA Interference of African trypanosomes), cloning of genes from blood parasites of animals, bioinformatics, establishment of specific molecular diagnostic system for rickettsial and protozoan parasites of small and large animals, and in vivo and in vitro cultivation of blood parasites of animals.

His (and co-workers) twin works on the Trypanosoma congolense L3000 and the T. Brucei rhodesiense have contributed to a better understanding on how trypanosomes, major human pathogens, evade the host’s immune responses. His recent studies on the livestock dilemmas in the country have established appropriate protocols on the quick diagnosis of infectious diseases through molecular detection, PCR, and recombinant DNA technology. Such pieces of information are critical in policy formulation by concerned government agencies regarding these diseases.

Dr. Baticados has published a number and diversified journal publishers where his works are recognized including the countries of Australia, Brazil, Croatia, Iran, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, Turkey and the Philippines.  For the year 2010 alone, he was able to publish a total of 11 peer-reviewed journals. He is the senior author of twelve (12) and co-author of fourteen (14) publications in ISI-indexed and other peer-reviewed journals in thirteen (13) different local and international journal publishers. Furthermore, he currently has different clone sequences (AB183873, GU475125, GU475126, GU245936, GU245937) deposited in the National Center of Biotechnology Information (NCBI), USA. He is also a member of the editorial board of several local and international peer-reviewed journals.

As a teacher, he is actively involved in several committees of the College as well as the mentoring of students in his his field of expertise as shown by the number of thesis students he advises. He has also consistently received good teaching evaluations by students in the college.

Dr. Baticados is a very productive researcher as evidenced by his scientific publications in most of which, he is the senior author and most were published in the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) indexed journals and has demonstrated the capability of undertaking good and relevant science. He is a young man who has already demonstrated the capability of undertaking good and relevant science being the recipient of several research grants, nine UP System International Publication Awards and four UP Professorial Chair Awards.  He is also actively mentoring other researchers and students in his field of expertise as shown by the number of thesis students he attracts, the research awards garnered by his students, and the peer-reviewed papers he co-authored with his colleagues, university research staffs and students.

Dr. Baticados obtained his Ph.D. in Veterinary Science at Gigu University in Japan (2005). He finished his masters and bachelors degrees at the University of the Philippines Los Banos (1996 and 1999, respectively).

At present he is Associate Professor III at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Up Los Banos. He was Head of the Parasitology Section of the Department of the Veterinary Paraclinical Sciences for five years and was also a former Head of the Veterinary Molecular Biology Laboratory. He has been a resource speaker in several veterinary conferences and conducted seminars to farmers, farm owners and fellow veterinarians. He was also actively involved in extension services to the K9 Unit of Presidential Security Group (PSG) and various communities. Luningning Samarita, Executive Director, NAST


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