Their THROAT is an OPEN SEPULCHER; with their TONGUES they have used DECEIT; the POISON OF ASPS is under their LIPS: (Rom 3:13 KJV)

Their throat is an open sepulchre, ready to swallow up the unborn, weak, the defenseless, the poor and innocent. With their vast wealth and worldly influence, they are eager to fund modern research to find opportunities to do mischief, like the old serpent seeking someone to devour, whose name is Abaddon the destroyer. And they do it both openly and in secret.

Their leaders are like roaring lions, tearing apart their victims. They put people to death, then steal everything of value. Husbands are killed, and many women are left as widows. (Eze 22:25 CEV)

Asp is the modern Anglicization of the word aspis, which in antiquity referred to any one of several venomous snake species found in the Nile region. It is believed that the aspis referred to in Egyptian mythology is the modern Egyptian cobra. Throughout dynastic and Roman Egypt, the asp was a symbol of royalty. Moreover, in both Egypt and Greece, its potent venom made it useful as a means of execution for criminals who were thought deserving of a more dignified death than that of typical executions. — From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

They make their tongues as sharp as a snake’s bite; viper’s venom is under their lips. (Psa 140:3)

The asp is a small creature, and so is the tongue (James 3:5). The tongue is a world of deceit and mischief. This is signified by a poison called contraceptive “vaccine,” which is latent and secret, is under it. This poison stupefies and kills, with the victim unaware. The poison enters into the body of people operating in them, “as poison in an angry serpent.”

The DECEPTION OF ANTI-PREGNANCY VACCINE — The Secret Murderer of Mothers and Innocent Children!

The ANT-PREGNANCY VACCINE being promoted by Bill Gates and his group, and is to be used if RH BILL is enacted, is very similar to the poison of asps or viper’s venom, as mentioned in Romans 3:13, and Psalms 140:3! This vaccine is termed in medical science as “immunological contraceptive” the anti-fertility “vaccine,” which is a completely new mode of birth control.

Unlike vaccines against diseases, which prepare the body to react against the foreign and harmful germs and viruses, this “vaccine” acts against natural physiological substances. It actually reprograms the body’s self protection to attack substances that are natural to and part of the human biology.

This “vaccine” works by vaccinating against the female pregnancy hormone HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) which is produced by the fertilized egg just after conception.

The “vaccine” contains a molecule in which HCG is linked to a diphtheria or tetanus carrier. When a pregnancy occurs and begins producing HCG, this molecule triggers an immune reaction against it, just as it would against diphtheria or tetanus. The body is actually tricked into attacking HCG and the fertilized egg.

The term vaccination as applied to contraception method is a deception. Vaccines against diseases usually work by stimulating and increasing the body’s ability to defend itself against a foreign invading specific virus. Vaccines have had positive health impacts by stopping the spread of many serious diseases. In the case of the vaccine contraceptive application, however, the target is not any virus, but pregnancy process itself! This means that the natural function of the body of a woman, that of pregnancy, is treated as a disease, and an abnormality!

This is a very subtle deception against the mother and child, and against GOD! And Bill Gates even said, “if we really do a great job,” which he means that of vaccination against pregnancy! He is praising the success of this diabolical genocide technology, and we can expect that he and his billionaire club will donate their billions of dollars to support and encourage such a diabolical research!

In these contraceptive vaccinations, there are lots of unknown about the long-term consequences of altering the body’s immune system causing it to react to a natural human hormone.

The immune system reaction to the linked molecule drops over time, usually about a year, but the woman has no way of knowing when it starts dropping. Vaccinated women will have no way of telling when or whether the “vaccine” is working to prevent the pregnancy.

These vaccines, when applied to animals, blasted their ovaries! Also, if a woman becomes pregnant during this time, it is unknown how the altered immune state of the mother may affect the baby.


Author: tuklasinnatin

A Journalist and served government for 20 years. A community organizer who rose from a clan of artists and novelists.


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