The Quezon City government has implemented a cease and desist order ( CDO ) for the construction of a three-storey commercial building owned by Robinsons Land Corporation in Aurora Boulevard for failure to comply with technical requirements prescribed by the City Council and the Department of the Building Official (DBO).

Mayor Herbert M. Bautista personally made a surprise routine inspection in some buildings being constructed in areas along Katipunan Avenue and Aurora Boulevard to check their compliance with the law and safety and housekeeping standards to prevent accidents similar to the recent Eton tragedy in Makati City .

He warned owners and developers of commercial construction projects in the city to first comply with all the requirements set by the city government before proceeding with the construction work.

Bautista cited Magnolia Town Center , a three-storey commercial building of Robinsons Land Corporation located at Aurora Boulevard corner Hemady St. , which was found lacking in some requirements of the City Council and the DBO that prompted for the issuance of CDO last January 10, 2011.

During the inspection, Bautista, who was accompanied by DBO Chief Engr. Isagani R. Verzosa  Jr. and Public Affairs and Information Services Office (PAISO) head Gregorio T. Bañacia, asked Magnolia Town Center Project-In-Charge Engr. Eugene Quiazon of Monolith Construction to temporarily stop its construction work from ground level up to roofdeck until the technical requirements are complied with.

However, the Mayor said that Magnolia Town Center is allowed its construction work from foundation to ground level only to prevent soil erosion.

Bautista said that the construction stoppage order to Magnolia Town Center is a preventive measure to avoid any tragic incident that might happen, which in turn might be blamed to the city government.

At the same time, he said, the order will also ensure the safety of the construction workers and protect the image of the owner and developer or construction company responsible for the construction work.

“We just want to implement the city policy in every construction work which is to secure necessary permits before proceeding. It is a measure that will be beneficial not only to the city government but also to the owner, developer and especially to workers for their safety,” the mayor said.

He said that the city government would not allow the Eton accident to happen in QC, the reason why DBO was tasked to maintain strict policy in the issuance of building permits and to conduct routine inspection in buildings being constructed in the city.

Also inspected was the Blue Residence, a forty two-storey condominium building located at Katipunan Avenue , owned by SM Corporation.-30- Maureen Quinones, PAISO


Author: tuklasinnatin

A Journalist and served government for 20 years. A community organizer who rose from a clan of artists and novelists.

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