Students, book lovers, and researchers need not go to the main library at Quezon City Hall if a proposed resolution filed by a neophyte lady councilor would be approved.

Councilor Julienne Alyson Rae Medalla of the city’s second district proposed that the city government construct public libraries, the same with the main library, in every district.

According to a survey conducted by the Quezon City Public Library, 77% of the users of the library are students, mostly coming from different public schools in the city. Students who avail of the services at the city public library sometimes have to suffer the additional burden of transportation expenses and time going to the library from their residence.

To increase the access of students and researcher to libraries, the councilor proposed a resolution establishing public library in every district in Quezon City. The establishment of district public libraries will be useful not only to students but to all the constituents in their respective areas, she said.

Councilor Medalla also noted that small libraries in some districts and barangays may not be able to cope with the growing number of library users every year.

At present, there are 19 libraries in Quezon City, including the main library at city hall.

The proposed resolution is in conjunction with the program of the QC Public Library (QCPL) to encourage students and children to read books. Since last year, the QCPL has been conducting puppet shows to catch the attention of students to read books who visit QC libraries in Novaliches, Horseshoe, Escopa II, Project 7, Project 8, Project 4, Payatas and Roxas. The QCPL has 48,000 books available to those who visit the main library and its branches.

Awarded as “The Most Outstanding Public Library of the National Capital Region in 2000,” the Quezon City Public Library serves more than 500 clients every day, most of which are high school students.-30- Maureen Quinones, PAISO.


Author: tuklasinnatin

A Journalist and served government for 20 years. A community organizer who rose from a clan of artists and novelists.

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