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KC Supreme Secretary passes away

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The Knights of Columbus in the Philippines express their deepest condolences to the death of Supreme Secretary Emilio B. Moure.

The Supreme Secretary of the Order of the Knights of Columbus died shortly yesterday after battling cancer at the age of 54.


Moure was born in Havana, Cuba but at early age he was moved to United States together with his family. He graduated with the degree of Bachelor in business administration with a major in accounting from the University of Long Beach and a master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in executive management from the University of La Verne.


Moure joined the Knights in January 1985, and was a member of James Cardinal McIntyre Council 6332 and Santiago de Compostela Assembly in California. He began working at the Supreme Council headquarters in April 2007 as Executive Vice President for Business Process Management. In October 2009, he was appointed as Supreme Treasurer, and then in September 2010 he was named Supreme Secretary.


Moure used his talents to organize and implement the Order’s Hispanic programs, such as the Marian Congress on Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Guadalupe Festival; and he was also instrumental in forging the Order’s relationship with the Global Wheelchair Association, which provides free wheelchairs to needy individuals around the globe.


Meanwhile, Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson described Moure as a trusted colleague and a good friend who always had the growth and welfare of the Order at heart. Anderson added that they will miss Moure’s wise judgment, collegiality, kindness and deep faith with the Lord.


Moure is survived by his wife of 31 years, Rebeca, their two sons, and two grandchildren.


The Mass of Christian Burial will be offered by Supreme Chaplain, Bishop William E. Lori of Bridgeport on Tuesday July 26, at 10:00 a.m. at St. Mary’s Church in New Haven.  A memorial service will also be held on Thursday, July 28 at 6:30 p.m. at Santiago de Compostela Church in Lake Forest, CA. Yen Ocampo

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July 27, 2011 at 10:53 am

Paje urges Filipinos to vote for Puerto Princesa Underground River,

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Filipinos need to produce “millions more votes” to make sure that the Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR) in Palawan becomes one of the world’s New 7 Wonders of Nature.


Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Ramon J. P. Paje sounded off this appeal to all Filipinos as the agency held Friday (July 22) a media launch of the PPUR as the country’s sole nominee to the global competition which culminates on 11/11/11 or November 11, 2011.


As of the latest rankings, the PPUR holds the precarious position of seventh place among the 28 finalists in the competition. This was attributed to a slowdown in voting for the river which is considered “one of the jewels” of Palawan, regarded to be one of the country’s last frontiers for environmental conservation.


Although the PPUR currently has “a very good chance of winning,” Paje encouraged Filipinos to aim for a higher ranking by submitting more votes through the internet or short messaging service (SMS) or texting. Voting online, which is allowed only once for each email address, can be done until November 11, 2011 at http://www.new7wonders.com. Meanwhile, cellphone users of all local networks have until September 25 to vote by texting PPUR, PPUR7, or PPUR15 to 2861.


The DENR held the media launch to encourage media practitioners to generate more exposure and help drum up more support for the campaign, both locally and abroad. “Our mass media, through the global information highway, can reach out to millions of Filipinos overseas,” said Paje. “We should bring the PPUR to our countrymen who have not been to Palawan to see the awesome beauty of the river, which took centuries to be crafted by nature.”


Attendees of the media launch were handed copies of a video showing the results of explorations of the PPUR by the Italian geographical association La Venta Esplorazioni Geografiche. The video highlights the PPUR’s features, including its complex and valuable karst ecosystem, estuaries, unique formations, and a recently-uncovered Sirenia or sea cow fossil estimated to be 20 million years old.


Paje, who is also the national campaign manager for the public sector, also appealed to all officials of all government agencies and offices to encourage their own employees to “go beyond your publics and spread the word in their neighborhoods.”


The declaration of the PPUR as a wonder of nature would highlight the “great economic potentials” of the country’s ecotourism destinations, as well as call global attention to its high level of biodiversity which are extremely vulnerable to climate change, according to the environment chief.


He called the PPUR as “a symbol of our unity and strength as a nation,” testing the people’s capacity to adopt and promote a common cause. “This is a very special undertaking that will have a long-term impact for our entire country,” he said. “When success finally comes, we can all take pride in contributing to it and pass on that pride, and the responsibility that comes with it, to the next generation.”


The media launch also followed the issuance of Presidential Proclamation No. 182 declaring a national and international promotion campaign for the PPUR. The proclamation also created a campaign task force, with the Departments of Interior and Local Government and Tourism as Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively, to vigorously promote and push for the proclamation of PPUR as among the New 7 Wonders of Nature.


The search for the New Seven Wonders of Nature was organized by Switzerland-based New7Wonders Foundation in 2007, drawing 440 entries from more than 220 countries. Millions voted for the top 77, which was further narrowed down to 28 finalists for the final phase. PAO, DENR

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July 25, 2011 at 9:40 am


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There will be no classes at all levels – kindergarten, elementary, secondary  and college –  in Quezon City during the State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III on Monday (July 25).


            On orders of Mayor Herbert M. Bautista, the Quezon City government has declared July 25, a no-classes day to ensure the safety and security of school children who will be affected by traffic problems and rallies by pro and anti-government groups during the President’s SONA.


            Mayor Bautista directed Division of City Schools officer-in-charge Dr. Corazon Rubio to immediately send a memorandum to all private and public elementary and high schools for proper dissemination of information on the suspension of classes.


            At the same time, the mayor also instructed QCPD to properly observe maximum tolerance especially in dispersing protest rallies during SONA.


            QCPD is now ready in terms of manpower, logistics and security plan for the SONA on Monday.


            QC government also formed logistical and human resource task force led by Department of Public Order and Safety (DPOS) chief Ret. Gen. Elmo San Diego, which will serve as civilian counterpart to back-up police authorities during the SONA.


            A total of 6,806 policemen will be deployed in eight areas in the city including  Ever Gotesco, St. Peter Church, Sandiganbayan, Capitol Estate, Times Street, North gate and South gate of House of Representatives, and San Mateo Road in front of Northview Subdivision. Maureen Quiñones, PAISO

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July 22, 2011 at 2:20 pm

Amidst a State of Confusion

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In evaluating the impact of the strategic situation which a failed leadership has imposed on our society today, it is imperative for all to recognize that the single most significant and destructive event now confronting our nation, is the presently on-going global financial collapse and the administration’s glaring inability to effect an appropriate response.

Lest our organization and like-minded Filipinos be drawn into debates on political preferences, on anticipated and periodic elections, despite the insidious or expressed manifestations of opportunists among the opposing proponents and among the desperate incumbents, we must continuously and vigorously stress that the fundamental reason for the failure of our leaders to govern and promote our people’s welfare, is their negligence, and cowardice to confront the evil which has imposed its greed on Philippine society, and the rest of humanity.

At present, as Lyndon LaRouche has accurately forecast and repeatedly warned the U.S. leadership and the rest of the world, the financial system of floating exchange rates implemented in 1971-72 by the IMF led financial oligarchy, through the so-called independent central banking system, is in an irreversible mode of disintegration, precipitating a massive international banking crisis of historical proportions.


As evidenced by bubble blow-ups of highly leveraged derivatives investments, monumental hedge funds losses, and real estate mortgage bond collapses in continental Europe and the U.S., in which most if not all governments, including our own, are speculative investors, present civilization is now confronted with the distinct possibility of a new dark age—the gravity of which shall be unprecedented in human history.


In a futile effort to camouflage hundred trillions of losses, US Federal Reserve, Central Bank of Europe and that of Japan, have embarked in a hyper-inflationary activity, printing monetary aggregates, as stimulus packages, giving the false impression of activity and life in the world’s speculative markets. The rest of the world’s governments will immediately follow suit in their desperate attempt to buy time. Expect prices of all commodities , basic or otherwise, especially oil and oil based products, to very rapidly increase, and a subsequent dramatic deterioration of government’s capability to defend the population from disease and starvation.


Our collective leadership, in government, business and the academe, can no longer ignore the magnitude of the economic and financial crisis which demands immediate attention requiring the highest moral and intellectual competence. Despite the political manipulations and complexities created by the politicians, and the likes of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Fidel Ramos, resigned or unresigned Cabinet members, and a slew of greedy opportunists, we must understand and acknowledge the grave errors of policy; muster the courage to cause a fundamental shift; and implement all required defensive and strategic measures to counter the imminent destruction of our society.


It is time to assert our nation’s economic sovereignty, not just on moral grounds, but as a scientific justification, that for an economy to survive and prosper, the people must have priority. It is this appreciation of the principle of general welfare, as exemplified by Argentina’s Nestor Kirschner, and Malaysia’s Mahatir, which has shown to the world that indeed, there is life after the IMF.


In order to accomplish this state of readiness, we must take determined steps to strengthen the institutions which comprise the three main branches of government. This democratic system is what has been proven to be most responsive to direct intervention by the citizenry. Admittedly, these have failed our people in many and various issues. But the principle of checks and balance, whatever the political pressure exerted or incentives offered, still continues to function. Those officials who abuse the implicit trust granted to them by the people to occupy these institutions, are eventually removed, while certain immoral and onerous legislative proposals like the EVAT or the EPIRA, and CHA-CHA, are subjected to contentious debates, the implementation of which can still be postponed, denied, or repealed.


Some  Filipinos who sponsor the recent proposals of constitutional changes (CHACHA), specifically aimed at replacing our form of government from the American inspired presidential system to that of the European parliamentary system, ought to be made aware, that dubious interests who advocate the same changes, betray the workings of sinister minds, taking full advantage of a desperate and confused population, to tie the noose of fascism, which permanently establishes themselves and their kind, as de facto dictators. It’s a system more easily manipulated, devoid of built-in controls, which gave rise to Adolf Hitler,  and other current fascist leaders working to institutionalize a one world government. They who propose this “system change,” whose motive is to subvert the people’s will, and deliver our country in to the hands of globalists, should be exposed for what they truly are; neo-fascists, and surrogates of evil. To appease their gods, we are offered as human sacrifices.


Unless the Katipunan ng Demokratikong Pilipino (League of Filipino Democrats), in fulfilling our mission, together with like-minded Filipino patriots, remain vigilant and committed to carve out a future for our youth; provide not just the continuance, but the basis for the improvement of quality of life of future generations; act in solidarity with all other worldwide historical individuals to save humankind from self-destruction, this present civilization as we know it to be, shall not survive the coming onslaught.


We call on all Filipinos, to act in accordance with man’s true nature, created in the Image and Likeness of God, with inherent powers of cognition, and capacity to promote the common good, to actively participate in this process of securing the future of our country. We enjoin all patriots to vigorously cause the elimination of all political and economic policies which violate the inalienable rights of man. We challenge the Filipino youth, to demand from your elders, the opportunity to realize your dreams of a society based on Truth, Justice and Peace.


Katipunan ng Demokratikong Pilipino (KDP)          

League of Filipino Democrats

LaRouche Youth Movement—Philippines (LYM)


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July 18, 2011 at 1:30 am

Sa Kalagitnaan ng Kalagayang Pagkalito

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Sa pagsusuri natin sa matinding epekto ng estratihikong kalagayan na sapilitang ipinataw sa atin ng isang bigong pamunuan sa ating lipunan ngayon, nararapat at mahalagang alamin nating lahat na ang pangunahin at mapanirang pangyayari na hinaharap ng ating bansa sa ngayon ay ang kasalukuyang pagkaguho ng pandaigdigang sistemang pananalapi at ang hayagang walang kakayanan ng pamahalaang ito na maglapat ng kaukulang katugunan.
Sa halip na ang ating katipunan at ang kasindiwa na mga Pilipino ay madala pa sa usapin ukol sa pamimili ng mga pulitiko, sa kabila ng mga mapanilo at hayagang pakita ng mga mapagsamantala sa hanay ng mga oposisyon at sa hanay ng mga gipit na mga nanunungkulan, dapat nating idiin nang may buong kasiglahan at walang puknat, na ang pangunahin at di-matatanggihang sanhi ng mga kabiguan ng ating mga pinuno na mamahala at itaguyod ang kapakanan ng ating mga kababayan, ay ang kanilang kapabayaan at karuwagan na harapin ang kasamaan, na naglapat ng kanyang kasakiman, sa lipunang Pilipino at sa sangkatauhan.

Sa kasalukuyan, gaya ng eksaktong pagtaya o forecast ni Lyndon LaRouche at paulit-ulit na pagbababala sa mga pamunuan ng Estados Unidos at ng buong daigdig, ang sistemang pinansyal ng floating-exchange-rate na ipinatupad noong 1971-72  ng oligarkiyang pinansyal sa pangunguna ng I.M.F. sa pamamagitan ng tinatawag di-umano na independent central banking system, ay nasa isang kalagayan na di-na-maibabawing proseso ng pagkadurog, na magdudulot ng isang malubhang krisis pampinansyal sa pandaigdigang sistema ng pananalapi na ‘di pa nararanasan sa buong kasaysayan ng daigdig.

Gaya ng pinatutunayan ng mga malabulang pagputok at paglaho ng mga pamumuhunan na inutang o highly leveraged derivatives investments, dambuhalang pagkalugi ng kalipunan ng mga naglalakihang puhunan o hedge funds, at pagbagsak ng mga kasunduang utangan at sanglaan ng mga lupain at ari-arian o real estate mortgage bond collapses sa kalakhang Yuropa at Estados Unidos na kung saan karamihan, kung ‘di man lahat ng mga gobyerno, kasama na ang ating bansa, ay nakikipagsapalarang mamuhunan, ang kasalukuyang kabihasnan ay humaharap sa isang tiyak nab anta ng isang panibagong yugto ng kadiliman—kagutuman, kapighatian, at kamatayan—o new dark age, na ang kalubhaan ay di pa nararanasan sa kasaysayan ng tao.

Sa kanilang walang bisa na paglihim o pagkubli ng daang trilyong pagkalugi, ang U.S. Federal Reserve, Bangko Sentral ng Yuropa at Bangko Sentral ng Hapon ay sumuong sa mga gawaing lubhang mapaminsala sa katatagan ng salapi o hyperinflationary, gaya ng pag-imprenta ng pera, upang makapagbigay ng huwad na larawan ng kasiglahan at aktibidad sa mundo ng pandaigdigang pamilihan ng espekulasyon o speculative markets. Ang mga gobyerno sa buong mundo ay agad itong tutularan dahil sa kanilang pagkukumahog upang sagipin ang mga sarili. Asahan ang mabilis na pagtaas ng mga bilihin, pangunahin man o hindi, lalo na ang langis at ang mga produktong hango sa langis, na magdudulot ng walang kakayanan ng gobyerno na ipagtanggol ang buong populasyon laban sa karamdaman at kagutuman.

Ang mga liderato sa gobyerno, pangangalakal, at sa akademya, ay hindi na maaaring ipagwalang bahala ang tindi ng krisis pang-ekonomiya at pampinansyal na nararapat bigyan ng agarang pansin at pagkilos na nangangailangan ng pinakamataas na antas ng moralidad at karunungan. Sa kabila ng manipulasyon at masalimuot na maiitim na balakin ng mga pulitiko, at ng mga tulad nina Presidente Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Fidel Ramos, at mga iba pang napakaraming sakim na mapagsamantala, dapat nilang maintindihan at kilalanin ang malalang kamalian ng kanilang patakaran; taglayin ang katapangan upang makalikha ng pangunahing pagbabago; at ipatupad lahat ang kinakailang pananggol at estratehiyang lunas upang labanan ang nagbabadyang pagkawasak ng ating lipunan.

Panahon na upang panindigan ang soberenya ng ating ekonomiya, hindi lamang sa kadahilanang moral ngunit bilang isang siyentipikong katwiran, na para manatili at umunlad ang isang ekonomiya, ang kapakanang pantao ang dapat unahin. Itong pagpapahalaga ng prinsipyo ng kabutihang pangkalahatan gaya ng ginawang ulirang halimbawa nila Nestor Kirchner ng Argentina, at si Mahatir ng Malaysia, na naghayag na tunay, kayang mabuhay kahit wala ang I.M.F.

Upang maisakatuparan ang ganitong kalagayan ng kahandaan, kinakailangan natin ang matiyakang hakbangin upang palakasin at patatagin ang mga institusyong bumubuo sa tatlong pangunahing sangay ng pamahalaan. Ang demokratikong sistemang ito ang siyang napatunayang pinakanakakatugon ng tuwirang pamamagitan ng mamamayan. Maaaring hindi ito nakatugon sa marami at iba’t ibang mga suliranin at usapin, ngunit ang prinsipyo ng pagpigil sa pagmamalabis at pagaabuso o checks and balance, anupamang pamumuwersang pampulitika o suhol na ialok, ang sistemang ito ay patuloy na nakakaganap ng kanyang layunin. Ang mga opisyal na umaabuso sa lubusang tiwala na ipinagkakaloob sa kanila ng mamamayan upang mamahala sa mga intitusiyon na ito sa kalaunan ay natatanggal, samantalang ang iminumungkahing imoral at marahas na mga panukalang batas, tulad ng EVAT, EPIRA, at CHA-CHA ay nasasailalim sa mga mapanuring talakayan, ang pagsasakatuparan ay maaari pa ring ipagpaliban, tanggihan o ipawalang-bisa.

Mangilan-ngilan na mga litong Pilipino na nagsusulong ng kamakailan lang na mungkahi ng pagpapalit ng ating Saligang Batas (CHACHA), na tuwirang nakatuon sa pag-iiba ng anyo ng gobyerno mula sa Sistemang Presidensiyal na naumpisahan sa Amerika patungo sa Parliyamentariyong Sistema ng mga taga-Yuropa ay dapat na mamulat na may mga tao na may layuning kahina-hinala na nagsusulong ng mga nabanggit na mga panukala, at ito’y malinaw na kahayagan ng masamang kaisipan, na nagsasamantala nang lubusan sa isang gipit at litong mamamayan upang itali at ihigpit ang silo ng pasismo, nang sa gayon mapanatili silang matatag maging ang mga tulad nila na mga de facto na mga diktador. Ang sistemang Parliyamentaryo ay napakadaling manipulahin, wala itong taglay pampatnubay sa pagpigil ng pang-aabuso, na nagluklok kay Adolph Hitler at iba pang kasalukuyang pasistang pinuno na naglalayong makapagtatag ng isang pandaigdigang gpbyernong mapaniil o one world government. Ang mga taong nagsusulong ng pag-iibang sistema na ang layunin ay ipawalang-bisa ang kalooban ng mamamayan at ihandog ang ating bansa sa kamay ng mga globalista, ay dapat mabunyag sa tunay nilang katauhan; makabagong-pasista at kinatawan ng kasamaan. Upang patiwasayin ang kanilang diyos-diyosan ay inaalay tayo bilang mga hain-buhay.

Maliban na tayo, ang Katipunan ng Demokratikong Pilipino sa pagtutupad ng ating misyon alinsabay sa mga kasintulad-isip na makabayang Pilipino ay manatiling alisto at tapat sa pag-ukit ng isang kinabukasan para sa ating mga kabataan; paglaanan ‘di lamang ang pagpapatuloy ng buhay kundi maging saligan sa pag-unlad sa antas ng buhay para sa mga darating na henerasyon; makiisang kumilos kasama ang iba pang mga pandaigdigang makasaysayang mga tao upang iligtas ang sangkatauhan laban sa pansariling pagkawasak, itong kasalukuyang sibilisasyon na kinabibilangan natin ngayon, ay ‘di makaliligtas sa darating na kapighatian at kapahamakan.

Nananawagan kami sa lahat ng mga Pilipino, na kumilos ayon sa tunay at bukod tanging likas na kaanyuan ng tao na nilikha sa wangis at hugis ng Diyos, na may katutubong kapangyarihan ng kaisipan na may kakayanang itaguyod ang kabutihang pangkalahatan, upang masiglang makisali sa prosesong pagtatamo ng kinabukasan ng ating bansa. Inaanyayahan namin ang lahat ng makabayan na masiglang simulan ang pagwaksi ng lahat ng pampulitiko at pang-ekonomiyang patakaran na lumalabag sa mga di-mahiwalay na mga karapatan ng tao. Hinahamon namin ang mga kabataang Pilipino na hilingin sa mga nakatatanda ang pagkakataong maisakatuparan ang inyong mga pangarap sa isang lipunan batay sa Katotohanan, Katarungan, at Kapayapaan.

Katipunan ng Demokratikong Pilipino (KDP)
League of Filipino Democrats
LaRouche Youth Movement—Philippines (LYM)


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July 18, 2011 at 1:19 am

Impormasyon sa Palay, Bigas, at Kanin, Ngayon nasa FB, Twitter at WordPress na!

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Upang matugunan ng mas mabilis ang pangangailangan sa mga impormasyon ukol sa palay, bigas, at kanin ,at para magkaroon ng interaksyon sa pagitan ng mga eksperto ng PhilRice at nang mga rice stakeholders gayundin ang mga media, inilunsad ang mga opisyal na social networking sites ng PhilRice na pinangalanang RICE Matters.


Ayon kay Karen Barroga, head ng Development Communication Division ng PhilRice, ang mga social networking sites ng PhilRice ay isang plataporma kung saan ang mga progresibong magsasaka, manunulat, at ang masa ay makakalap ng mga bago, kakaiba, katangi-tanging impormasyon sa palay, bigas at kanin at mga adbokasiya ng Institusyon tulad ng Save Rice, Save Lives Movement gayundin upang makapag bigay opinyon at komento sa mga isyu nito.


Anumang makukuhang impormasyon, opinyon o komento ng mga rice stakeholders ay magsisilbing kapaki-pakinabang sa Institusyon upang lalo pa nitong pagbutihin ang pag-aaral at pagdedebelop ng mga teknolohiyang makapgpapataas ng ani at kita ng magsasaka.


Sa loob lamang ng isang buwan humigit-kumulang nasa 33,000 na ang ‘hits’ o dami ng taong tumining at dumalaw sa RICE Matters ng Facebook, nasa 500 naman ang sa WordPress, at mayroon nang 47 na ‘followers’ o tagasunod sa Twitter na binubuo ng mga ahensiyang pang-agrikultura sa loob at labas ng bansa, media, at ilang mag-aaral ng agrikultura.


Suportahan ang proyektong ito. ‘I-like’, ‘follow’, at dalawin ang RICE Matters sa http://www.facebook.com/rice.matters, http://twitter.com/#!/rice_matters, at http://www.ricematters.wordpress.com.


Gayundin, maari ring bumisita sa corporate website ng PhilRice sa http://www.philrice.gov.ph. Yen Solsoloy, PhilRice

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July 13, 2011 at 1:57 pm

The Search for Environmental Heroes Continues with Gawad Bayani ng Kalikasan 2011

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Green groups launched the Gawad Bayani ng Kalikasan 2011, an awards event aiming to seek out and recognize seven Philippine heroes/ heroines of the environment– nameless individuals, organizations, or communities who have selflessly spearheaded or helped lead significant environmental struggles and the protection of basic rights.


The Gawad Bayani ng Kalikasan (GBK) 2011 is open to all Filipino individuals, organizations and institutions who have demonstrated extraordinary ability and effort to uphold the environment and people’s welfare, whether in the form of advocacy, campaigns, education, research, technology development, community services, mass media or cultural work.


Seven GBK awardees (three awards for Individuals and Organizations and one Most Distinguished Award) will be chosen by an independent Board of Judges. Acceptance of nominations for the GBK is open until midnight of July 15, 2011. 

Seven GBK awardees (three awards for Individuals and Organizations and one Most Distinguished Award) will be chosen by an independent Board of Judges:

  • Most Distinguished Awards Awarded to an individual or organization in  recognition of his/her/their being an inspiration and example to the Filipino people for offering time and talents for the defense of the environment and advancement of the people’s welfare.
  • Individual Awards Awarded to individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary ability and effort to uphold the environment and people’s welfare, whether in the form of advocacy, campaigns, education, research, technology development, community services, mass media, or cultural work.
  • Organizational Awards Awarded to people’s and community organizations and institutions that have demonstrated unity in upholding the welfare of the people and of the environment by exemplary actions and advocacy, campaigns, education, research, technology development, community services, mass media, or cultural work.


Acceptance of nominations for the GBK is open until midnight of July 15, 2011. Guidelines, awards requirements and nominations forms are available for download at www.cecphils.org.


The Gawad Bayani ng Kalikasan 2011 is organized by Center for Environmental Concerns, in cooperation with Gawad Bayani ng Kalikasan Awards Committee, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Foundation for the Philippine Environment, Agham-Advocates of Science and Technology for the People, Haribon Foundation, Ecowaste Coalition, Panalipdan Mindanao and Central Visayas Fisherfolk Development Center Inc.


The first GBK kicked off in 2009 naming the late anti-mining activist Eliezer “Boy” Billanes as the recipient of the Most Distinguished Awardee. The GBK Individual Awardees were the Ata-Manobo leader Datu Guibang Apoga, Manny Calonzo of the Ecowaste Coalition and the dean of University of the Philippines Tacloban Margarita dela Torre- dela Cruz. The winners of the GBK Awards for Organizations were grassroots- based organizations Cordillera People’s Alliance (CPA), the Central Visayas Fisherfolk Development Center Inc. (Fidec) and Seamancor Eco-Developers Inc. of Sorsogon. Gawad Bayani ng Kalikasan Secretariat Committee


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Theme: “Making Rights Real for Filipinos with Disability”  

As Full citizens, people with disabilities have equal rights and are entitled to dignity, equal treatment, independent living, and full participation in society.


The aim is to provide differently abled persons with the same individual choices and control in dignity in their daily lives as abled persons. Care and support services are to be more tailored to the specific needs of the people with disability.


Problems concerning people with disability transcends in every aspect of their dignity as humans,  even if efforts were made, laws and ordinances were crafted, much intended to protect them, still there are so many cases of non implementations of laws, ordinances etc. with regards to the situations and development of the Persons with Disabilities.  


Hon. Vice Mayor Ma. Josefina Belmonte will Present and Discuss the City’s Policy Reform Agenda for Persons with Disability (PWD). Hon. City Mayor Herbert Bautista will deliver his Message to the activity, and Miss Ma. Teresa Mariano, Head of the Social Services Development Department (SSDD) will present the QC-PWD Situationer, and Mr. Mateo A. Lee, Executive Director of the National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) will deliver his closing remarks.


The Venue of the PWD Summit will be at the Occupational and Safety Health Center, North Avenue, Quezon City. Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm


The Summit’s Agenda to be discussed are:


  1. Quezon City’s policy Reform Agenda for Persons with Disability
  2.  Existing Services and Programs
  3. Areas of Concern
  4. Proposed Services and Measures


Lead Office: Office of the Vice Mayor OVM-Quezon City


Partners involved in this activity:


  1. Social Services Development Department  (SSDD)
  2. National Council For Disability Affairs (NCDA)
  3.  DOH
  4. DEPED-SPED Division

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The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), kindly invites all interested MEDIA partners to participate in the PDEA 9th Anniversary Photo Competition: KUHA MO!


Rules of the Photo Contest:


1. Qualification:

Media partners, particularly photographers who provided coverage to PDEA activities and accomplishments from July 2010 to present are eligible to join.

2. Theme:

a)  All entries must display PDEA in action as it executes its mandate as the lead Agency in the anti-drug campaign, either efforts along supply or demand reduction.

b)   It must be based on the lyrical content of the PDEA Hymn: Tungkuling Alay.

3. Entry specification:


  1. Entry size:                                         11” by 14” without borders
  2. No of entries per person:                no limit
  3. Color:                                                 color/ black and white
  4. Photo resolution:                             Hi-res
  5. Finish:                                                Matte

4. Requirements:

Hard copy of entries must be accompanied by corresponding soft copy and must be placed inside a brown envelop.  Entry forms are available at the PDEA Public Information Office.  The entry form must be completely filled-up and attached to the back portion of the brown envelop.  Each entry must come with a caption.

              A. Name and contact number of the photographer

              B. Title of entry

              C. Date taken

              D. Publication and date published (if published)

              E. Caption

              F. Brief description/background (where, why,who were in the picture, etc)



One photo, one entry form


Entries must be mailed or delivered personally to the PDEA Public Information Office (PIO), PDEA National Headquarters in Barangay Pinyahan, Diliman, Quezon City.

top 10 entries shall be excellent candidates to be featured in the 2012 PDEA Desk Calendar.

PDEA shall have the right to keep both hard and soft copies of the official entries even after the photo contest is over for documentation and posterity purposes.


5. Grounds for disqualification:


1.   Entries that do not conform to the above requirements shall automatically be disqualified from the contest.

2.  Digitally altered photographs shall not be accepted.

3.  Photos which have won national and international awards are also disqualified.

6. Criteria for Judging:


 Visual Perception/ Creativity                                        (50%)

 Thematic Message                                                         (25%)

 Impact                                                                               (25%)


      Total                                                                             100%

7. Prizes:

     1ST Place                                                         P    10,000.00

     2nd Place                                                                   7,000.00

     3rd Place                                                                   5,000.00

     7 Consolation Prizes                                           2,000.00 each

8. Timeline:


Submission of Entries                                            June 20-July 14, 2011

(Deadline for submission of entries: 5pm July 14, 2011)

Initial screening of entries (Secretariat)               July 15, 2011

Final screening for top 10 entries                         July 18, 2011

(Screening Committee)                                                   

Judging for top 3 winners (Command Group)    July 22, 2011

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Rizal’s 150th, promises a simple yet big bash

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The 150th birth anniversary of the national hero, Jose P. Rizal is kept short but big by the main organizer, National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) along with its partner agencies.


June 19 marks the 150th birthday of the hero with a theme Rizal: Haligi ng Bayan. Centering on paying tribute to the country’s national hero, Rizal Shrine shall be filled with 150,000 flowers. Slicing of the giant cake will also take place at the same venue.


Meanwhile, President Benigno S. Aquino III will be at Calamba, Rizal where the national hero was born.


Starting at 8 in the morning, the commemoration opens with the flag being raised by the Philippine Navy with Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa Jr. being the guest of honor joined by other distinguished public  personalities such as Department of Tourism Secretary Alberto A. Lim, Metro Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim, Department of Education Secretary Armin A. Luistro, FSC, Metro Manila Development Authority Chairperson Francis N. Tolentino, National Parks Development Committee Executive Director Juliet H. Villegas, and National Historical Commission of the Philippines Commissioner Ferdinand C. Llanes.


Following the flag raising ceremony is the flower offering led by Executive Secretary Ochoa still joined by the heads of the organizing agencies. The public will also participate as representatives coming from various sectors are tapped to offer flowers to the hero’s monument. Capping the event is the slicing of the giant cake.


Attendees are expected to be at the venue by 7:30 am wearing the national Filipino costume or formal to semi-formal attires. (PIA – BL Penera)

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